Autumn/Winter 2016/17

Perfection coupled with personality

Two brothers, a label and a claim that compels. Every creation that leaves the Munich studio of twin brothers Arend and Georg Zizelmann is of hand-produced zeitgeist and elegance made into material – always according to the duo's personal handwriting: exclusive, elegant and sophisticated.

GEORG ET AREND designs fashion for women that seek the individual and have the highest standards of quality, fitting, processing and style with sophistication. And thus the living environments and wishes of their customers - who now come from throughout the world to Munich in order to be clothed personally by the couturiers - are consistently reflected in each of their virtuoso day, cocktail and evening models.

Arend contributes his creativity to the collections, while Georg assumes the strategic part. One's creative power and the visionary farsightedness of the other complement each other to become what constitutes the brand far beyond the borders of Germany: custom-produced perfection coupled with personality.

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  • Georg-Arend_02_0034
  • Georg-Arend_03_0063
  • Georg-Arend_04_0076
  • Georg-Arend_05_0105
  • Georg-Arend_06_0113
  • Georg-Arend_07_0167
  • Georg-Arend_08_0177
  • Georg-Arend_09_0233
  • Georg-Arend_10_0267
  • Georg-Arend_11_0281
  • Georg-Arend_12_0014
  • Georg-Arend_13_0083
  • Georg-Arend_14_0099
  • Georg-Arend_15_0134
  • Georg-Arend_16_0155
  • Georg-Arend_17_0176
  • Georg-Arend_18_0195
  • Georg-Arend_19_0220
  • Georg-Arend_20_0257
  • Georg-Arend_21_0286
  • Georg-Arend_22_0317
  • Georg-Arend_23_0337
  • Georg-Arend_24_0354
  • Georg-Arend_25_0383
  • Georg-Arend_26_0454
  • Georg-Arend_27_0457
  • Georg-Arend_28_0490
  • Georg-Arend_28_0510
  • Georg-Arend_29_0514
  • Georg-Arend_30_0555
  • Georg-Arend_31_0577
  • Georg-Arend_32_0592
  • Georg-Arend_32_0597
  • Georg-Arend_33_0646
  • Georg-Arend_34_0674
  • Georg-Arend_35_0707
  • Georg-Arend_36_0723


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